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Do you want to Raise Capital for a Company, Fund or Project while you are attending AFSIC - Investing in Africa?

We are delighted that you are attending AFSIC – Investing in Africa this year.

Please follow these steps to maximise the promotion of your capital raising opportunity in the lead up to, and at, AFSIC:

  • Add your investment opportunity on our AFSIC African Investments Dashboard
  • Email to advise that you are registered to attend AFSIC and that your investment proposition can be included in the AFSIC African Investment Opportunities PDF which is distributed to all delegates one month prior to AFSIC
  • Email a 2-3 minute video introducing your investment opportunity which can be shared on the AFSIC social media and the Event and Meeting App in the lead up to AFSIC
  • Complete a Speaker Submission if you would like a chance to pitch your investment opportunity in a stream-specific Quick Fire session at AFSIC

View our Raising Capital at AFSIC brochure for more information

AFSIC African Investments Dashboard Overview

Our award-winning AFSIC African Investments Dashboard captures a wide range of Africa-focused opportunities seeking debt or equity capital across all sectors and regions of Africa. Searching the Dashboard is free but the Dashboard is generally only available to regulated institutional investors managing third party funds, in order to protect the confidentiality of information uploaded by corporates and investment bankers.

Opportunities on the Dashboard are varied, and include investee companies of Africa-focused funds, projects sponsored by Africa’s leading Investment Banking firms, government PPP projects and a range of scalable, emerging ventures.

Regulated Investors

Investors can search the Dashboard at any time for free and are invited to complete the short mandate form to be alerted when investments matching your criteria are added to the Dashboard.

Investment Bankers

Investment bankers, business leaders and fund managers are invited to profile African companies and funds that seek capital on the Dashboard.

Before using please refer to our Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

AFSIC African Investments Dashboard

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