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Want to Raise Capital during AFSIC - Investing in Africa?

There are multiple ways in which we can help you raise capital before and during AFSIC including through promotion on the African Investments Dashboard, publication of your deal in the AFSIC Deal Book, Quickfire Pitching and though various Digital promotions. This page contains everything you need to know.

Step 1 !!! Important: Tell us you want to Raise Capital

If you want to raise capital at AFSIC we have a sophisticated communication programme explaining the multiple ways in which we can help you raise capital at and before AFSIC. However to benefit from our tailored advice you must advise us that you want to Raise Capital while at AFSIC. You do this by entering your email address in the box below (use the one you are registered to attend AFSIC with), ticking “Raising Capital”. Then pressing the “Update” button so that we can record this in our systems. You will see a message saying that we have saved your preferences. You’ll start to receive tailored email reminders with specific suggestions and deadlines for the multiple ways in which we can assist you in your capital raising. If you are currently registered as “Raising Capital” but no longer want to raise capital at AFSIC you can enter your email address and untick the Raising Capital Box, press the “Update” button.

Step 2. Add your Investment Opportunity to the African Investments Dashboard

The African Investments Dashboard has become one of the most used portals for discovering Africa’s most attractive investment opportunities. Over 25,000 investors get access to investment opportunities posted on the Dashboard. As an AFSIC attendee, whether you are raising funds for your own entity or for your clients, use of the platform is entirely free. You can add unlimited investment opportunities to the Dashboard. Once you have finalised the wording of your investment opportunity you approve it to be made public on the platform, after which investors can discover your investment opportunity and connect with you directly.

Step 3. Get your Capital Raise included in the AFSIC Deal Book

We want to make your capital raise as smooth as possible. To assist you meet investors attending AFSIC we send a Preliminary AFSIC Deal Book containing investment opportunities to all attendees one month prior to AFSIC. A Final AFSIC Deal Book is distributed one week prior to the event. The Final AFSIC Deal Book is also profiled on the AFSIC Event and Meeting App. Each delegate attending AFSIC can add up to 3 investment opportunities into the AFSIC Deal Book. The entire process of submitting a deal for inclusion in the AFSIC Deal Book, and approving your entry takes place on the African Investments Dashboard.

Relevant Deadlines for Inclusion in the Deal Book

Your investment opportunity must be submitted by you on the African Investments Dashboard, and you must have approved your Deal Book Entry by the following dates, otherwise your deal may not be included.

  • Wednesday 4th September 2024 to meet the Preliminary Deal Book Deadline
  • Wednesday 25th September 2024 to meet the Final Deal Book Deadline.

We will work on a BEST ENDEAVOURS basis for submissions made after the deadlines but we cannot guarantee inclusion.

Step 4. Actions to Pitch your Capital Raising at AFSIC

Our popular Quickfire Pitch Sessions comprise 5 minute slots with 3 minute presentation time and 2 minute question time and run strictly to schedule.

Action 1:
If you are not already a speaker, please make a Speaker Submission. The earlier you do this the better as our slots fill up quickly. Note on your Speaker Submission that you are raising capital, and that you would like a Quickfire Pitching slot. If you are already a speaker you have already provided us with the required information, so please email our Speaker Team on requesting a Quickfire Pitching slot.

Action 2:
When the Event and Meeting App goes LIVE 4 weeks before AFSIC, share your pitch time plus a brief intro with target investors.

Step 5. Actions to promote your Capital Raising digitally

You can provide us with logos, short videos and links to your online articles that we can post or share on our platforms and you can use the Meeting and Event App to reach investors attending AFSIC

  • Send us a 3-minute video presentation of your investment opportunity and we will post to our AFSIC YouTube channel and our Event and Meeting App
  • Tag us in your capital raising-related posts and we will reshare on our AFSIC LinkedIn and Twitter accounts
  • Send your corporate logo to and we’ll add to our list of highlighted Investment Opportunities on our website and include you in marketing mails.
  • Use your Profile section on the Meeting and Event App to promote your organisation and capital raising

Step 6. Get onto our AFSIC Event and Meeting App

During AFSIC – Investing in Africa all delegates have access to the AFSIC Event and Meeting App. This is a sophisticated app allowing delegates to communicate with each other and to book meetings during the event. Access to the Event and Meeting App starts one month prior to the event. We recommend that you use the App to research attendees and arrange meetings with investors well ahead of AFSIC while investors still have space in their diary. When arranging meetings make sure to swap cell numbers as often in the heat of the event it is difficult to coordinate meeting locations or to find your meeting participants. We also recommend reconfirming meetings a few days prior to the event.

Step 7. Review the AFSIC Agenda

AFSIC has a very varied and comprehensive agenda covering most aspects of investing in Africa, regardless of business sector, geography or asset class. Review the AFSIC Agenda and attend sessions that are relevant to your business sector or your country of operations. After the session meet the speakers/participants who may be of use to you.

Step 8. Attend the “Meet the Investor” Sessions

The entire focus of AFSIC is assisting businesses looking to raise funding to match with the most suitable investors. To help you meet investors we have introduced multiple Meet The Investor sessions. These are free flowing networking sessions, allowing you to meet many African investors in a short period of time. Make sure you bring plenty of business cards to swap, as well as any investment teasers or collateral that will assist investors with a preliminary assessment of your investment opportunity.

Step 9. What Happens after AFSIC – Investing in Africa?

Your capital raising journey will not finish after AFSIC – Investing in Africa. The process of initiating investor interest and completing a capital raise can take many months. If your investment opportunity has been posted onto our African Investments Dashboard it will continue to be available for new investors to discover and connect with you directly. We also have a range of additional fund raising services that you can explore at your leisure to provide you with the best chance possible of raising the capital that your business deserves.

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