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Looking for information on a UK Africa Investment summit? AFSIC – Investing in Africa, Africa’s investment event, is one of the most important conduits of Investment, Trade and Business into Africa. We will explain how you can use our site and the AFSIC – Investing in Africa event to Apply for Funding, Find Africa’s Best Investments, Promote your Company’s Services or Search our Database of leading African investors, Africa’s CEOs and African Corporate Advisors and Africa Service Providers, including lawyers, consultants, financial intermediaries, bankers etc for FREE.

AFSIC is globally recognised as being an exceptional event to initiate, grow and nurture business networks across Africa and to originate and conclude genuine trade, investment and new business transactions. AFSIC – Investing in Africa is entirely focused on African Investment, Trade and Business Opportunities. Our comprehensive website contains a wealth of information on the benefits of attending AFSIC – Investing in Africa. In addition the following information might be of assistance:

  • If you are an investor and want to Invest in Africa, you can visit our homepage and search our Investment Dashboard for investment opportunities from across Africa. Click on the “Invest in Africa” button on our Homepage. Access to investment opportunities for approved investors is FREE.
  • If you are Applying for Funding for an African focused company, project or concept, or you are looking to connect with investors from across the world, then please provide your company, project or concept details using the “Apply for Funding” button on our homepage. This is FREE.
  • If you are interested in business development and would like to Promote Your Company, please add yourself to our database of Africa’s leading investors, Africa’s top business executives, Africa’s corporate advisors and corporate service providers. To do so please click the “Promote My Company’s Services” button on our homepage. This is FREE.
  • If you would like to Search our Database to find an investor, corporate advisor, service provider or company across any business sector and with expertise in any specific African country, then please click “Search Our Database” on our homepage. This is FREE.

If you are looking for a wealth of data and information on African investment opportunities, how to invest in Africa, why invest in Africa, who invests in Africa and on investing in Africa in general, this can be found at

We look forward to working with you to grow investment, trade and business in Africa.

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AFSIC – Investing in Africa


AFSIC – Investing in Africa is entirely focused on increasing African investment, trade and business. Registration for AFSIC – Investing in Africa is open to all. More details on how to register, and the cost, can be found here.

Event Brochure

Our comprehensive Event Brochure includes detailed information on the AFSIC – Investing in Africa event, who attends, where they are from, our focus on specific business sectors, and our Country Summits, highlighting investment, business and trade opportunities in Africa’s most attractive economies, and can be downloaded here.

Event Sponsorship

If you are  interested in raising your company’s profile across Africa, our Sponsorship Brochure contains details on exhibition, marketing and additional promotional options that will help accelerate your company’s growth across Africa. It can be downloaded here.

UK Africa Investment Summit Information Speaker Submissions

AFSIC is entirely focused on promoting Africa’s most attractive investment, business and trade opportunities. We are always on the look out for exceptional speakers who can provide our delegates with insights into:

  • Specific business sectors in Africa such as Financial Services, Energy, Banking, Agriculture, Insurance, Infrastructure, Education, Fintech, Renewable Energy. Health, Microfinance, Real Estate, Mining, Oil and Gas, Technology, Telecoms, Trade Finance, Transport, Water, Waste etc;
  • Specific countries in Africa to participate in our Country Summits focused on highlighting investment, trade and business opportunities in Africa’s most attractive economies;
  • The investment, trade and business environment in Africa.

Details on the Speaker Submission Process can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs can be found here.

Applying for Funding?

If you are looking for funding as a company, or as an individual, whether you represent an established company or a start-up or even if the company is at concept stage please visit our homepage and click Apply for Funding and add your investment proposition so that it can be viewed by many of Africa’s most important investors. This is FREE.

Looking for Africa’s Best Investment Opportunities?

If you are looking to invest in Africa and want access to view many of Africa’s most interesting investment opportunities please visit our homepage and click on Invest in Africa. This is FREE.

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If you would like to generate new business opportunities, or to Promote your Company widely across Africa please visit our homepage and follow the “Promote My Company’s Services” links.

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Our database allows you to search for Africa’s top corporate service providers. Would you like to find a lawyer or consultant experienced in Africa’s Energy sector based in Nigeria? Or a banker in Egypt? Please visit our homepage and and follow the “Search Africa’s Top Execs” link.

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