Speaker Group: 2020 Speaker

Vymala Thuron Business Leader

Vymala Poligadu Thuron currently heads the Group Programme Development and Gender Lens Investing at GroFin, a Private Development & Impact financier investing in SMEs, operating in 15 countries in Africa and the Middle East. She has a solid understanding of private sector and international development gained through over twenty years of experience. Vymala Thuron is… Read more »

Sven Kaufmann Business Leader

Sven Kaufmann

Sven is the CEO of Sustainable Planet. Sustainable Planet is growing the most sustainable protein in different countries especially in East Africa. Sustainable Planet is using the water lentil to produce the protein with the protein amount of 45%.

Sebastien Duquet Business Leader

sebastien DUQUET

As Chief Commercial Officer, Sebastien is leading the development of SunFunder products and funds. He will particularly be involved in the fundraising of the coming “Gigaton Empowerment fund”. From 20218 to mid 2021, as Chief Investment Officer, Sebastien was supervising the investment process, portfolio allocation and funds valuation of Symbiotics managed Sicavs – USD 1.8… Read more »

Agnes Gitau Business Leader

AGnes GItau

Agnes is the Managing partner at advisory services firm. Her role involves supporting businesses overcome complex operational challenges associated with Sub Sahara Africa, providing strategic advisory  on Africa’s political and economic risks, market entry strategies and stakeholder management. She has held various roles in both in public and private sector working collaboratively to promote competitive… Read more »

Gary Tomlins Business Leader

Gary Tomlins

Gary Tomlins (62) British 30 years of commercial and practical agribusiness experience in Europe and Africa, a Director of Production with Homegrown, Kenya (now Finlay’s) 1992-2000. In 2011 he was Technical Director of a $25m USAID funded Feed the Future Programme in Tanzania. In 2013 he set up Kusi Ltd Tanzania, 2018 set up Kusi… Read more »

Gail Klintworth Business Leader

Gail Klintworth

Gail is co-founder and Chairman of Savo Project Developers. Gail also serves as a Non-Executive Director (NED), Personal Board Advisor and Trustee with a select group of businesses and NGOs that are well placed to make a significant difference to create ‘A Better Flywheel of low carbon, inclusive Growth’. Formal roles include, but are not… Read more »

Yvan De Grauwe Business Leader

Yvan De Grauwe

Yvan De Grauwe is an experienced and long-time owner and grower of roses in Belgium. He has a well-developed network within East Africa. He has experience with business in Kenya on growing and sale of roses.

Funmi Dele-Giwa Business Leader

Funmi Dele-Giwa

Funmi Dele-Giwa is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of legal and regulatory experience. She is qualified to practice law in Nigeria and the United Kingdom and is also a Chartered Governance Professional. She is the Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs and the Group Company Secretary at MFS Africa, an innovative and dynamic… Read more »