Speaker Submission Guidelines

AFSIC is an investment event and our agenda is designed to profile African investment opportunities.  Our speaker committee will give preference to:

  • dynamic African business leaders looking to promote their company from an investment perspective;
  • institutional investors wanting to originate investment opportunities in Africa;
  • dealmakers such as investment bankers and debt and equity experts who play an important role in facilitating investment decisions across Africa.

These speakers will get complimentary access to the full range of activities at AFSIC 2021 (excluding travel and accommodation and excluding access to the Meet African Dealmakers event) subject to the discretion of the event organisers.

If you are not an Investor, African business leader or dealmaker but would like to publicise a product or service that you offer in Africa, we can certainly assist you – please contact Emma Rynn, on emma@afsic.net for information on becoming one of our event sponsors or for more information on booking an exhibition space.

When suggesting a topic, please note:

  • Your submission should be relevant for an Investment Focused conference;
  • Presentations from African companies looking to meet institutional investors across Africa are welcomed; AFSIC is focused on matching companies seeking investment with investors – your submission should clearly state that you are attending AFSIC in order to meet the wide range of investors present in order to raise capital now or in the future – this information will be made public; or you can alternatively make your speaker submission without this information and then complete our Investment Dashboard which will assist the speaker committee as it prioritises submissions from companies seeking to use AFSIC for investment raising purposes;
  • Presentations from Investors, including Private Equity and Listed Equity Funds, LPs, GPs, IFIs, DFIs, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Impact Investors, African Asset Managers, and other investors are welcomed;
  • Presentations from dealmakers including Investment Bankers, M&A experts, Corporate Financiers and Research Analysts are welcomed where they lead to a greater understanding of the investment universe available within Africa;
  • Presentations from Financial Services Sector Experts are welcome where they lead to a greater understanding of the investment opportunities available within Africa’s financial services sector;

Above all we are looking for vibrant speakers and content that is interesting, vendor and product agnostic.

Country Investment Sessions

AFSIC 2021 is an investment event and focused on attracting investment into Africa. Within AFSIC 2021 we will be holding a number of single country investment focused sessions. These sessions will either be:

Sponsored Country Session – these will be held within a dedicated room within the venue and may include one or more presentations from business leaders within the specific country, highlighting the most attractive investment opportunities in that country. Opportunities for companies to be the lead sponsor for their country and maximise their exposure with an exhibition stand package, are available. For further information on sponsorship, please email Emma Rynn, Head of Marketing & Communications, at emma@afsic.net


Informal Country Session – these will comprise a 60 minute session of informal networking designed to allow all event participants to grow their business and investment network within the specific country. There will be no speeches or formal presentations within an informal country session.