Speaker Submission Guidelines

AFSIC – Investing in Africa is one of Africa’s most important conduits of investment. Our entire focus is promoting Africa’s most attractive business, trade and investment opportunities.

As such our speaker committee will give preference to:

  • Dynamic business leaders looking to promote their Africa focused company from an investment perspective
  • Institutional investors wanting to originate investment opportunities in Africa
  • Dealmakers such as investment bankers, corporate advisors and debt and equity experts who play an important role in facilitating investment decisions across Africa

These speakers will get preference when our Speaker Committee meets to discuss the Agenda for AFSIC – Investing in Africa.  Each year we have a very limited number of complimentary access to the full range of activities at AFSIC 2024 (note we do not pay for travel, accommodation or access to events that require additional payment). These tickets are provided subject to the discretion of the event organisers.

If you are not an Investor, African business leader or dealmaker but would like to promote a product or service that you offer in Africa, we can certainly assist you. Over many years we have built a wide range of channels that can be used to promote your company widely across Africa and our global network – please contact Emma Rynn, on emma@afsic.net for information on joining many of Africa’s most important companies in becoming one of our event sponsors or for information on booking an exhibition space at the venue.

When suggesting a topic, please note:

  • Your submission should be relevant for an Investment Focused conference;
  • Presentations from African companies looking to raise money from institutional investors across Africa are welcomed; AFSIC focuses on matching companies seeking investment with investors – your submission should clearly state that you are attending AFSIC in order to meet the wide range of investors present in order to raise capital now or in the future – assume this information will be made public; or you can alternatively make your speaker submission without this information and then complete our Investment Dashboard which will assist the speaker committee as it prioritises speaker submissions from companies seeking to attend AFSIC for investment raising purposes;
  • Presentations from Investors, including Private Equity and Listed Equity Funds, LPs, GPs, IFIs, DFIs, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Impact Investors, African Asset Managers, and other investors are welcomed;
  • Presentations from dealmakers including Investment Bankers, M&A experts, Corporate Financiers and Research Analysts are welcomed where they lead to a greater understanding of the investment universe available within Africa;

Above all we are looking for vibrant speakers and content that is interesting, vendor and product agnostic.

Important dates to note:

  • Agenda Announcement May 2024
  • First speaker Confirmation Request by Mid June 2024 (reconfirmation of your participation is required)
  • Final speaker Confirmation Request by Mid August 2024 (reconfirmation of your participation is required)
  • Moderators and Panelists are connected with each other in order to facilitate discussion prior to AFSIC Mid September 2024
  • Solo Presentations to be delivered to event team by 9 September 2024
  • AFSIC Event and Meeting App launched one month before AFSIC on 9 September 2024
  • Quickfire Presentations and Quickfire Videos to be submitted by 9 September 2024
  • Preliminary AFSIC Deal Book with Investment Opportunities sent to all Delegates on 9 September 2024
  • Last Day for submissions to be included in the Final AFSIC Deal Book is on 27 September 2024
  • Publication of the Final AFSIC Deal Book is on 30 September 2024
  • Agenda goes to print  – any speaker changes after this date will not be reflected on printed agenda – 13 September 2024
  • Online Agenda fixed – any speaker changes after this date will not be reflected online – 28 September 2024

Structure of the Agenda

AFSIC – Investing in Africa is focused on matching business, trade and investment opportunities in Africa. Our Agenda is composed of multiple streams all designed to promote these opportunities, and to help investors meet and match with the opportunities in as convenient a way as possible.

Sector Streams

Within our comprehensive AFSIC Agenda we have broad themes focusing on many of Africa’s most important business sectors, including: Financial Services, Infrastructure, Education, Agriculture, Healthcare, Transport & Logistics, Real Estate, Extractives etc.

Investment Themes

Our Agenda incorporates investment related themes, for instance we aim to promote investment themes such as ESG Investing, Impact Investment, Private Equity in Africa, Listed African Equities, Private Debt, Sovereign African Debt, Sustainable Growth, Venture Capital in Africa, African Seed Investments etc.

Country Summits & Networking Functions

During AFSIC we hold a number of Country Investment Summits focused on Africa’s largest and most dynamic economies. Within these summits you can expect formal presentations, investment pitching, and high level networking with many of the country’s most dynamic business leaders, and dealmakers. Investors with a mandate allowing them to invest in that country will attend with a view to developing new business relationships and uncovering business, trade and investment opportunities. For smaller economies we hold a number of freeflowing Country Networking Sessions, where there are no formal presentations. The Country Networking Sessions are designed to facilitate the development of new business partnerships and to match business, trade and investment opportunities in the selected country.

Quickfire Sessions

Exciting, dynamic, rapid and focused presentations highlighting multiple investment opportunities. The presentations are designed to whet investors’ appetite, which can be followed up during AFSIC or in post AFSIC meetings.

Meet The… events

Multiple Meet The… events are built into the fabric of AFSIC. These are opportunities to meet a wide range of companies, investors and dealmakers across Africa in a really short period of time. Break the ice, establish rapport, initiate business, trade and investment discussions, create new relationships and much more. Use the events to build your network across Africa. These events do not have any formal presentations, and are structured as free flowing networking events.

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AFSIC is a hybrid physical-virtual conference. Sessions will be recorded at AFSIC, and members of the press will be present. By making a speaker submission, you acknowledge and consent to your name, job description, company details, and other information provided by you to us, and any photograph, film or recording relating to you being published on Africa Events Limited and group websites, portals and dashboards whether directly owned or affiliated, as well as related promotional material including email in perpetuity as well as on the AFSIC Event and Meeting App without further approval or compensation. The information supplied may be used for direct marketing purposes.