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Our team has enormous experience in working in Africa. Our focus is entirely on growing business and investment into Namibia and other African countries. We have raised funding for multiple African companies and led many business investment missions across Africa to discover and promote Africa’s most interesting business and investment opportunities. We also run the annual AFSIC – Investing in Africa event that has become one of Africa’s most important business and investment events and which is a great place to promote business and investment opportunities from Namibia and across Africa, as well as to meet many of Africa’s most important investors (About Us Page). As such we can to assist you:

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  • Attending AFSIC – Investing in Africa, one of Africa’s most important business and investment events, and a great place to meet Africa’s major investors.

Business in Namibia

Business Opportunities in Namibia

If you want to subscribe for business opportunities, or if you work in Namibia and want to promote your company’s services to companies operating in Namibia and globally then please join our community FREE! Tell us a little about yourself so that we can match you directly to opportunities of interest, and also profile your company’s products, goods or services globally FREE!

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Do you produce or provide products, goods or service that you would like to promote in Namibia, or globally? If so you can promote your company’s goods, products or services for FREE ….To do so please add your profile to our community.

Want to Invest into Business in Namibia?

Namibia is an exciting investment destination. Our network has a wide reach within Namibia and across Africa. We have developed perhaps the largest network of global investors looking to invest into countries like Namibia. If you would like to JOIN our network to invest into a company in Namibia (or elsewhere in Africa), then please provide us with some details (sector of interest etc) so that we can send you matched investment opportunities in Namibia FREE!

Apply for Funding for Business in Namibia

Do you have a business that needs investment? Our team has considerable in-house experience funding companies across Africa. We have led investor missions to all regions in Africa, and visited many of Africa’s most attractive projects and companies. We will be delighted to review your business or project to see whether we can help you raise funding. If we think we can assist you we will add your project to our AFSIC African Investment Dashboard for FREE so global investors can review it.

Get Updates on Investor Missions to Namibia

Our team has led business investment missions across all regions of Africa – our focus is on discovering Africa’s most prospective business and investment opportunities. To keep updated on our missions to Namibia please register here.

Updates on AFSIC – Investing in Africa

AFSIC – Investing in Africa has become one of Africa’s most important investment events. It is a major conduit of investment into Africa and is an ideal place to meet business and investment opportunities from countries like Namibia, and elsewhere in Africa. The event contains sessions focused on different business sectors in Africa, as well as Country Summits focused on promoting the most attractive investment opportunities in countries from across Africa like Namibia. To get updates on a potential Namibia Summit and other aspects of AFSIC please subscribe to get updates.

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Business in Namibia

Business in Namibia - Doing Business in Namibia