Top Dairy Companies in Botswana

Botswana’s dairy industry may not be as vast as in other countries, but it plays a crucial role in the local economy and the food supply chain. With a growing population and increasing demand for dairy products, dairy companies in Botswana are stepping up to meet the needs of consumers. Whether you’re a local resident looking to support homegrown businesses or a company seeking reliable dairy suppliers, this article will guide you through the top dairy companies in the nation.

Clover Botswana

Clover Botswana is a subsidiary of the Clover Industries Limited, a leading branded foods and beverages group in South Africa. It has established a significant presence in Botswana, providing a range of quality dairy products. From fresh milk to yogurts and other cultured dairy items, Clover Botswana maintains high standards in production, ensuring that consumers enjoy not only great taste but also nutritious benefits.

Parmalat Botswana

Part of the global Italian dairy and food corporation, Parmalat has a strong foothold in Botswana. Specializing in ultra-high-temperature (UHT) processing, Parmalat Botswana offers long-life milk that caters to consumers who prioritize both convenience and quality. Their product lineup also includes a variety of other dairy goods, such as cheese and cream, which are popular among households and food businesses alike.

Sustainability and Community Engagement

Cows at a dairy farm in Botswana

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An important aspect of dairy farms and milk companies in Botswana is their commitment to sustainability and community engagement. These companies often take part in initiatives aimed at improving agricultural practices and supporting local farmers. This involvement not only boosts the local economy but also ensures a steady supply of high-quality milk.

Delta Dairies

Delta Dairies is a noteworthy player in Botswana’s dairy sector. With a focus on fresh milk and dairy products, they’ve made a name for themselves through their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They operate with stringent quality control measures to ensure their milk is not only delicious but also safe for consumption.


MilkAfric is an emerging force in the Botswana dairy industry. Despite being relatively new, they have rapidly gained a reputation for their innovative approaches to dairy farming and processing. MilkAfric’s vision involves modernizing the local dairy industry, investing in state-of-the-art technology, and providing training to enhance the skills of their workforce.

Embracing Technology

Dairy companies in Botswana are increasingly embracing technology to improve efficiency and product quality. From advanced milking machines to sophisticated processing facilities, technology plays a pivotal role in the dairy supply chain. This technological adaptation not only helps companies meet the growing demand but also positions Botswana’s dairy industry for future growth.


Bottles of milk on production line

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The dairy companies in Botswana are a testament to the country’s dedication to quality and growth in the agricultural sector. While the list above highlights some of the key players, there are many other small-scale farms and businesses contributing to the industry’s expansion. By supporting these dairy companies, consumers not only enjoy high-quality products but also contribute to the development of Botswana’s local economy.

For those interested in the dairy industry, exploring the offerings of these top companies can provide valuable insights into the standards, innovation, and community impact that define Botswana’s approach to dairy production.