Michaël Knaute

Regional Manager Africa & MENA

Triodos Investment Management, Africa & MENA


Michaël joined the emerging markets team at Triodos Investment Management in May 2017. He is Manager Africa & MENA, managing our portfolio in sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Middle East.
Prior joining Triodos Investment Management, Michaël worked as Group CEO at OXUS, a leading microfinance provider in Central Asia and as Chairman of technology provider Octopus. He previously held the position of Operations Manager at MicroCred, a group of inclusive finance banks operating in Africa and China. Prior to that, Michaël spent several years in Africa and Asia running humanitarian projects with ACTED, a leading French NGO, after starting his career as Auditor at Andersen.
Michaël acts or recently acted as Board Member of Convergences, e-MFP, The Microcredit Summit Campaign and SAMN. He graduated from Kedge Business School.

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