Graeme Robertson 2022 speaker

Chairman & CEO

Intrasia Capital Pte Ltd


Graeme Robertson is a graduate of University of New South Wales in Australia and has a history of involvement in pioneering the development of major mining, energy and infrastructure operations in Australia, Asia, and Africa. He has served as Managing Director of New Hope Corporation in Australia, President of Adaro Coal mines and Bulk Terminals in Indonesia, and Director of AfrAsia Bank in Mauritius.

In 2005, he established Intrasia Group with interests in management, financial and corporate services, including business structuring, investments, and commercial properties. Intrasia Management fiduciary clientèle is international and structured through Mauritius and Intrasia Corporate provides advisory and establishment services. Intrasia Capital holds investments in African mining and agricultural development in Africa.

Graeme is a humanitarian with interests in poverty alleviation and health improvement. He is Chairman of the AfrAsia Foundation, Mauritius, providing education to children from impoverished backgrounds. He is a Founding Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow of the Mauritian Institute of Directors.

He resides in Singapore where Intrasia Group is established, and Mauritius which is the centre of the operations of the Group.

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