Renewable Energy Investors in Africa

OK, thanks for visiting our website. Are you are keen to know more about renewable energy investors in Africa? Perhaps you have a renewable energy project in Africa that needs finance, or you are involved in financing African energy projects…….If so you are in the right place.

Our expertise is in Africa, we have massive experience in financing African companies and matching Africa renewable energy investors to renewable energy projects in Africa. Our sole focus is on connecting investors in Africa and companies (not just Africa mining companies) seeking capital in Africa ! Or Contact Us for more information.

So we can help you….we have built up probably the largest network of investors in Africa…browse our extensive website to see for yourself….but for now let’s help you…

So do you Want to Raise Money for your African Renewable Energy Project? Or are you a Renewable Energy Investor?

We have THREE options…and great news….only option 2 actually costs you anything, option 1 and 3 are completely free of charge. Choose one of more option – no problem.

  1. Add your Investment Proposition (if you are an African renewable energy company seeking investment), or investment parameters (if you are an investor) onto our Investment Dashboard for FREE to facilitate meeting the most appropriate Africa energy investors. The Dashboard is open to Africa renewable energy investors who are able to see investment opportunities, not just in venture capital or start up stage but also in other sectors and stages , that are of interest to them. Some of them could be interested in your project. Make sure you add enough details for them to know that you are serious.
  2. Join the top Africa energy investors at AFSIC – Investing in Africa which has become one of the most important conduits of investment into Africa. It is a highly focused investment event matching Africa’s most important investors with Africa’s most exciting investment opportunities.
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Join us and become part of Africa’s most exciting investment community. We wish you good luck in raising your capital.

Still not convinced? Have a look below at the 350+ speaker company profiles that we have confirmed for AFSIC 2021 taking place 5-7th May 2021 in London………..