Raise Capital – How We Can Help You Raise Capital from African Investors

Raise Capital and Profile for your Investee Companies and Clients…..

Our team has enormous experience in raising capital for Africa-focused companies. We have a network of over 25,000 investors globally who may be interested in compelling investment propositions that you upload to our Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard and AFSIC African Investments Dashboard. Our digital platforms receive millions of impressions annually and our communications reach many of Africa’s most important investors, corporate advisors and business executives.

In addition, we host AFSIC – Investing in Africa, perhaps Africa’s most important annual investment event which is specifically relevant for investors, corporate advisors, investment bankers and dealmakers.. If you have not attended before we suggest you browse through last year’s programme or request a brochure from event@afsic.net.

We also work collaboratively with investment bankers and fund managers across Africa to  Raise Capital and Raise the Profile of your portfolio or investee companies globally and to Grow your own Revenues. Most of our solutions are FREE but our additional services attract modest fees.

Option A – AFSIC African Investments Dashboard

This is a closed dashboard where investment opportunities can be viewed principally by registered institutional investors in our network. You are welcome to upload your investment opportunity onto our AFSIC African Investments Dashboard at no cost. This Dashboard is specifically focused on higher end investment opportunities with a profit track record, or management team with experience.  Investors search the Dashboard for investment opportunities matching their investment criteria and can communicate directly with you if they find your opportunity of interest.

We offer a range of additional services to actively promote your investment opportunity across our network of +25,000 investors. This includes

  1. sending individual teaser emails to matched investors across our global network;
  2. including your investment opportunity on our monthly mailer containing a consolidated list of investment opportunities to our entire network of investors;
  3. promoting your investment opportunity video via social media channels;
  4. including your opportunity in our pdf dossier of investment opportunities which is shared with all AFSIC – Investing in Africa delegates;
  5. offering you with a physical pitch slot at AFSIC – Investing in Africa.

Request our Raising Capital brochure for more information and pricing.

Option B – Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard

This is an open dashboard accessible to any internet user interested in business, trade and investment in Africa. Example business opportunities can be viewed here. Use our Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard to build up your investee or client’s profile globally and across Africa in anticipation of a capital raise or so that our global users and members of our Africa Business Community can easily locate you. You can promote your investee or client company and view other members of our Africa Business Community here.

Once you have signed up you are welcome to upload any number of  investment opportunities and “calls for business” onto our Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard at no cost. Selected business opportunities are circulated to our extensive global network. Investors, and other interested parties, search the Dashboard for investment opportunities that match their investment criteria and can communicate directly with you if they find your opportunity of interest. There is no cost to list on this dashboard.

Important Legal Notice: We do not provide investment advice, nor do we recommend the buying or selling of securities. We do no due diligence on any of the projects or people contained within our websites, dashboards or portals, so you must exercise care and undertake appropriate due diligence on any projects or people that you connect with. Access to our Dashboards, Websites and Portals is subject to our DisclaimerPrivacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you find business and investment opportunities of interest we recommend that you meet the promoters at AFSIC – Investing in Africa. Africa’s Investment Event. Please contact our team on investments@africaninvestments.co if you require additional information.