Informed Investing Stream

AFSIC 2022 features a brand new agenda format ordered by industry sector and country focus. You’ll be able to listen to international business leaders and investors deliver exceptional keynotes and informative panels as well as attend excellent interactive networking sessions which will offer new informed investing projects a platform and allow those seeking investment to meet the investors.

Panels and Solo Presentations from AFSIC 2021

INVESTING Panel: Analysis of investment opportunities and challenges in Africa’s SMMEs

INVESTING Panel: Private Credit in Africa, The Case For and Against

INVESTING Solo: The African Investment Outlook Securing Right Priced Capital in 2022 – Andrew Brown, Delphos

INVESTING Solo: Human Capital Leadership The Ultimate Impact Investment – Richard Putley, Executives in Africa

INVESTING Solo: Mauritius on the go, African growth – Graeme Robertson, Intrasia Group

INVESTING Panel: Investor Perspectives on African Private Capital Markets

INVESTING Solo: The Rise of the African Woman Entrepreneur Catalysing Women Entrepreneurship – Ashraf Esmael, GroFin

INVESTING Panel: African Financial Institutions Ratings, Promoting or Discouraging International Investments

INVESTING Panel: The Growth of Africa’s Capital Markets

INVESTING Panel: Africa’s Public Equity Markets, is this an Exceptional Entry Point?

INVESTING Panel: Maximizing Growth and Minimizing Risk

INVESTING Panel: Increasing US Institutional Investment into Africa

Benefit from excellent brand exposure, valuable lead generation, pan African Digital opportunities and extensive networking interactions when you become a Sponsor or Exhibitor at AFSIC 2022