Vidur Ramdin 2017 Speaker

Director of Communications and Marketing

African Solidarity Fund, Niger


Vidur Ramdin has a strong background in management, specialised in marketing, public relations and communications. He holds an Executive MBA; a Master in Tourism Management and Marketing; and a degree in Tourism Management.

He joined the African Solidarity Fund in 2017 as Director of the Communication and Marketing Department. As part of the development plan, he has been instrumental in the designing, setting up, organizing, recruitment and management of the department.

In 2013, he was appointed Head of Marketing, Public Relations and Communication of the renowned education group in Asia, and also he was responsible for the marketing activities of the institution. His role was more specifically to provide dynamic leadership to the department, to organize and motivate staff, to plan the future of the Department in accordance with the practice of the Business School. He was also responsible for developing international partnerships with leading universities in England.

In 2011, he joined a project funded by the World Bank, referred to as “Mauritius Business Growth Scheme”, which oversees the emancipation of more than 600 local SMEs and the region.

He has accumulated more than 13 years of industry work experience, including 8 years in the first level of management. he started as a subordinate in marketing in 2001 part time, worked as a freelance marketer, educator, and grew up successfully as a marketing executive within 10 years. It has two publications in its name of High Impact Journals namely International Journal of Business Management and International Journal of Innovative Research and Development in the areas of SME development, micro credit and quality service. he is finally a part-time academic and lecturer.


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