Rob Stangroom 2022 speaker



Rob Stangroom is a Chartered Accountant with 25 years sub-Saharan capital markets
advisory experience (specialising in IPOs) and 14 years experience in digital corporate communications, with a specia focus on online investor relations.

Rob Stangroom advises companies on Africa-specific digital and capital markets communications strategies. He is excited about ESG and sustainability frameworks as a means to proactively communicate the wealth creating potential of Africa’s listed companies. It’s this opportunity that makes the retail-investor-listed-company model very compelling: people like to support companies they know and trust.

Rob Stangroom believes that connecting companies that care to retail investors through responsible, and therefore sustainable, investor communications practices is a medium to long term project best carried out by the independent private sector: a private sector that impact all players in African capital markets positively, whilst holding regulators accountable for their performance.


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