Ralph Pecker 2021 Speaker

Business Development Director

Paycode, All Africa


Ralph has had many years of experience in the technology sector and started out working as a programmer and systems analyst. He has been involved with IT companies as a business consultant and director of EMEA. Throughout his career Ralph has been involved in the start-ups, directorship, and management of a number of companies across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. Ralph has spent 30 years of his career building successful business and projects in Africa. In his role as Business Development Director at Paycode, Ralph has been involved in several successful financial inclusion projects which are currently live in the following countries:

Zambia: Ministry of Agriculture ‘FISP” – A FAO Farmer grant system to the very rural farmers nationally.

Ghana: National Payment Switch – A National Financial inclusion solution whereby millions of Ghanaians have now been included into the banking system This project has several payments systems and has been live over 10 years..

Guinea: Alternative Payment Switch – World Bank Student Grant solution as well as a SME micro loan solution

Namibia: Alternative Payment Switch – Social grant and savings solution to over 700,000 Namibians

Botswana – United Nations Food Grant project & a Government Social Grant solution which has been running for over 5 years.

Mozambique World Bank Social Grant project – Facilitate social grant payments on behalf of INAS (National Institute of Social Action) an initiative supported by the World Bank, to promote direct social assistance to the most vulnerable individuals.

Nigeria TraderMoni Project – Government project that is trying to stimulate small entrepreneurs nationally with more affordable loans.


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