Marina Pannekeet 2021 Speaker

Marina Pannekeet

Manager, Energy



Marina Pannekeet is Manager Energy at FMO responsible for a team of professionals dedicated to investment in the energy sector in Africa, with a focus on countries in the East and Southern African region.

Marina obtained a university degree in Business Economics at the Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Before joining FMO, she worked in the maritime industry for almost 15 years where she fulfilled positions as (transport) economic, financial advisor and project manager.

Since joining FMO in 2005, Marina has been involved in various energy projects amongst others in Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa. In addition, she worked on various off grid related transactions with the latest being SIMA and SunFunder, two debt funds active in the off grid sector in the east African region.

Her professional interests focus on structuring debt and mezzanine transactions and managing a team of specialists. As such, she is involved in strategic projects related to providing access to energy and avoiding greenhouse gasses, in line with FMO’s mandate as a development bank.


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