Juulia Laakso 2022 speaker

Partner, Business Development Director



Juulia Laakso is a Partner and Director for Business Development at Tramigo Africa, the market leader in creating sustainable and transparent mobility and supply-chain ecosystems through connecting vehicles and assets. As a visionary, she saw the massive potential of Tramigo’s long-term presence and partner network across the continent. She invested in the company in the early 2020 to launch Tramigo’s new spinoff and strategy for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Juulia Laakso is an ambitious, entrepreneur-minded leader with over a decade of experience through-out the Sub-Saharan Africa. Juulia feels uncomfortable with comfort-zones and is committed in constant learning. She has spent several years in Fintech and IoT Mobility Industries and considers cities like Accra, Lagos, Kigali and Nairobi as her home.

Juulia Laakso is passionate about the human mind and nurturing Tramigo’s leadership with Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience.


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