David Harper 2022 speaker

Head of Property Services

Hotel Partners Africa


David Harper is the Head of Property Services for Hotel Partners Africa (HPA), advising on all aspects of hotel properties, including valuation, operator selection and acquisitions & disposals. HPA is the coming together of some of the most experienced consultants working in sub-Saharan Africa to provide a one-stop-shop for hoteliers and developers, and HPA have unrivalled experience, having worked on various projects in all 54 sub-Saharan African countries.

David Harper’s role in HPA is to provide the property advice, selling completed hotels & hotel sites, valuing hotels (and projects) and selecting the best operator for new developments.

David Harper is a Fellow of the RICS (with over 20 years in property and the hotel industry. He is the author of Hotel Valuation for Investors, the best-selling book providing comprehensive advice on all aspects of hotel ownership. In addition, he published a second, more comprehensive book “Hotels & Resorts; The Investor’s Guide”, that was released in August 2016 and provides advice on the whole cycle of hotel ownership.

David Harper also advises the RICS on hotel valuations and wrote the guidance on ISURV, a subscription service providing best practice advice for Chartered Surveyors the world over. As one of the leading hotel valuers, David is regularly used as an Expert Witness on high profile valuation cases.

Prior to setting up Hotel Partners Africa and before that Leisure Property Services, David Harper was head of hotel valuations and international brokerage for CBRE Hotels and has been involved in some of the largest transactions across the globe. He has worked in over 180 countries and has unrivalled experience across sub-Saharan Africa.


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