Charles Quao 2021 Speaker

Charles Quao


Quao Realty Limited


Prior to founding Quao Realty, Charles also served as the CEO of Mr Green Landscaping, where he aggressively led company to develop new business opportunities, reviewing and improving operational tasks of firm as well as ensuring company was at the forefront of the landscaping industry.

Charles’s landscaping role also ensured he worked with various developers during the project execution phase and as such got to experience challenges faced by developers as well as buyers expectations of completed developments

Charles on the private side has been involved in delivering Real Estate projects for the middle income market, with the recent one been a 2 unit 2 bedroom Semi Detached block in Accra.

In 2016, Charles branched into developing high-end luxury apartments. Together with his team members, started and completed a 20 luxury Apartment Project US$3.5MM, Legacy Square Project. Started another 30 Luxury Apartment which is about 8 minutes away from the International Airport and currently working on a Residential Project within a Golf Course community. He was solely responsible for idea conception, project co-ordination and project funding.


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