Alexander Howe 2021 Speaker

Alexander Howe


Africa Insight Advisors


Alex has lived in Tanzania for over 5 years, and worked in the Oil and Gas industry before starting Africa Insight Advisors in 2015. Africa Insight Advisors (AIA) is based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and operates throughout East Africa. At its core, the company leverages strong local understanding and combines it with Western business experience and worldview to provide impactful insights to those wanting to do business in the region. We help to clarify an opaque operating environment, flatten the normally steep learning curve, cut costs, and navigate the multitude of hurdles and hazards that make this corner of the world so challenging.
• Consulting: AIA works with multinational companies interested in entering the East African market, helping them to understand the complexities and challenges of the local operating environment and the opportunities available to them. We conduct feasibility studies, deliver in-depth business assessments, facilitate network building, provide strategic growth planning, outsourced business development, and help new entrants understand the political environment and governmental regulations. We are the partner of choice throughout the market entry process; from a companies first exploratory look at the market, to getting legally established and set up, to kicking off operations and providing our experience to help the firm become comfortable and profitable as quickly as possible.
• Investing: AIA prepares and brings African businesses and projects to the international investment community, typically to Private Equity, Impact Investors and Venture Capital funds. AIA’s level of involvement is dictated by the client, and often entails document creation (such as pitch decks and financials) and training on the most effective ways to present to prospective investors. However, AIA is primarily focused on identifying and linking the local businesses to potential investors around the world. AIA takes an active role in facilitating the entire deal process, from preliminary introductions, to negotiations to closing. With a foot in each world, AIA is the central conduit between Investor and Investee, and helps guide the deal process and ultimately create the alignment between both parties that is crucial for the long-term success of the investment.

Alex has worked to bring players in energy, telecoms, agriculture, construction and other industries into East Africa, and has worked with local companies to help them raise capital.


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