Agnes Gitau 2022 speaker


GBS Africa


Agnes Gitau is a partner at advisory services firm GBS Africa which provides services to businesses including market entry advisory, Africa practice strategy, and political and economic risk intelligence for businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa.

To contribute to legal excellence in Africa, Agnes Gitau recently joined 3VB Chambers’ International Advisory and Dispute Resolutions Unit (IADRU), her role being to co-ordinate the unit’s programs which are complementary to UNDGs 16: peace, justice, and institutions capacity.
Agnes Gitau is a committee member of the East Africa International Arbitration Conference and a board member of the Industry body the Eastern Africa Association.

Agnes Gitau contributes to developmental research through her membership at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) gender research hub. She is an independent research consultant for the UN’s Economic Commission for Africa under the Africa Trade Policy Centre. Her research interests include Sustainable trade development, Responsible Finance, Women in trade, and Trade Finance. She is a trustee at the microfinance charity, Five Talents which provides financial literacy for women in developing countries.


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