Abdu-Rahman Abrahams 2022 speaker

Co-Head: Hybrid Equity

Old Mutual Alternative Investments


Abdu-Rahman Abrahams is the Co-Head of Hybrid Equity, a business unit within Old Mutual Alternative Investments (OMAI) and oversees the investment process, strategic direction and operational running of the business.

In addition to assuming responsibility for the overall Hybrid Equity programme, as a member of the Hybrid Equity Investment Committee, Abdu-Rahman Abrahams is actively involved in all investment decision-making processes and retains portfolio responsibility for key investments.

Prior to joining OMAI, Abdu-Rahman Abrahams was part of OMSFIN Exco and co-head of the asset origination team at OMSFIN, where he was responsible for overseeing the principal investments, as well as traditional debt origination teams. While at OMSFIN, Abdu-Rahman Abrahams conceptualized, launched, and successfully grew the principal investment portfolio into a meaningful business. Abdu-Rahman Abrahams is a member of OMAI’s EXCO and Hybrid Equity Investment Committee. He has over 18 years of financial services and operational experience and his experience spans across the entire capital structure.

Abdu-Rahman Abrahams served his articles at PwC and is a qualified Chartered Accountant in South Africa. He has a BBuscSc (Finance, Statistics) and H Dip in tax law from the University of Cape Town.


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