Africa Events - more than just AFSIC

At Africa Events we are busy laying the foundation for a very strong AFSIC – Investing in Africa 2021 event which we plan to hold as a physical event in London from 11-12th October 2021. We will monitor the covid situation in Africa, the UK and indeed globally as we approach the event’s due date.

In the meantime we have been extremely busy developing multiple new initiatives that enhance your ability to grow your business and trade income and at the same time to attract inward investment into Africa’s most exciting companies,  whether these are long established companies or new start-ups. In this regard our African Investments Dashboard is attracting multiple new investment opportunities from across Africa daily worth $bns, and we have also launched our new website The new website aims to make it easier for businesses seeking to invest or do business in Africa to find the correct person to liaise with in their sector and country of interest. These two initiatives will undoubtedly become increasingly important in Africa’s investment universe as they are developed.

We will continue to focus on growing Africa’s business, trade and investment flows, and with your support we can make a meaningful difference to the future of Africa.

Country Focus: Rwanda

Rwanda is the 2nd fastest growing economy in Africa with a young and growing population. It is perfectly positioned as a regional platform with a growing bilingual, educated workforce.