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AFSIC and African Banker Webinar

The Outlook for Africa’s financial markets.

Africa, like all regions globally, will be significantly impacted by the unprecedented macro constraints presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly coming so soon after the uncertainty and turbulence presented by Brexit and the US-China trade war amidst a slowing global growth environment.

AFSIC is delighted to have partnered with AFRICAN BANKER and some of our top SPONSORS to offer our clients and other valued stakeholders an informative macro and technical webinar that sets out the likely scenarios for African financial markets and macro insights into the continent’s wider economy as governments in Africa and around the world work out their exit strategy from lockdown as the true impact becomes clearer. Further details are found below in the webinar infobox.

Country Focus: Mauritius

Mauritius is an active member of the Commonwealth and a founding member of the African Union. Mauritius offers a growing number of double taxation agreements and investment promotion and protection agreements with mainland counterparts.  Mauritius is regarded as a competitive, efficient and well-regulated financial centre for investment into the emerging markets of mainland Africa.