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  1. Companies seeking Funding from African Investment Funds: If you want to Apply for Funding for your company, project or opportunity please add your Investment Proposition onto our AFSIC African Investments Dashboard for FREE so we can help you meet the most appropriate funds. The AFSIC African Investments Dashboard is open to Africa investors who can view a wide range of investment opportunities, not just in venture capital or start up stage but also in other later stages of development and across all business sectors.
  2. Investing into the best Africa Investment Funds: If you are an Investor looking to invest into an Africa Fund please add your investment parameters onto our AFSIC African Investments Dashboard for FREE. 
  3. Meet the best African Investment Funds. Join us at AFSIC – Investing in Africa which has become one of the most important conduits of investment into Africa. AFSIC attracts many of Africa’s most important funds, and is the perfect location to meet the Africa Investment Funds in one place at one time.
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