Never Nyemudzo

Group Chief Executive Officer

CBZ Holdings Limited


Never is a well rounded Chartered Accountant. He has experience in Strategy, Financial Management, Control & Reporting, Bank Supervision & Surveillance, Investor Relations, International Debt Markets, Operations Management, Compliance and Risk Management, gained over more than a decade and a half of working in the financial services sector; including at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, BDO Zimbabwe (Chartered Accountants), FBC Holdings, and POSB. He holds a Master of Commerce Degree in Strategic Management & Corporate Governance, from the Midlands State University, and a Bachelor of Accountancy Degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Accountancy, both from the University of Zimbabwe. He is a member of the Zimbabwean and South African Institutes of Chartered Accountants, a board member for CBZ Holdings Limited and its Subsidiaries and Chengetedzai Depository Company. Never is currently pursuing his doctoral studies.

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