Zohrab Mawani Business Leader

Zohrab Mawani 

Founder and Director



Zohrab was born in Kenya and moved to Canada at the age of seven. He is an entrepreneur and executive in the energy sector where he started with government and utilities in 1995 and with private sector renewable energy development in 2002. Working with both startups and multi-nationals, he has led the development of 1,287 MW of now operational wind and solar generation facilities including both large-scale utility projects and DERs.

Zohrab is co-founder and Managing Partner of Africa Energy Development Corporation (AEDC), a developer of renewable energy generation projects in Africa. AEDC developed the first utility scale solar PV project to achieve financial close and construction start in East Africa. The 52 MWp Malindi Solar Project is currently under construction in Kenya and expected to reach COD in June, 2020.

As a co-founder of oneGRID Corporation, Zohrab is also involved in the development of HVDC transmission infrastructure projects in the Americas to address the increasing need for renewable energy supply to load centres as well as to modernize our aging electricity grid.

Zohrab is a senior executive fellow with the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE) and a registered member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO). In his spare time, Zohrab enjoys his morning run and spending time with his son and daughter.

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