Winnie Badiah

CEO & Co-Founder

GrassRoots Bima, Kenya


Winnie Badiah is the CEO of GrassRoots Bima, a startup narrowing the insurance protection gap through technology. WazInsure, is GrasssRoots’ insurtech solution that automates the entire insurance value chain making it simpler, transparent and cost-effective for all insurance stakeholders.

Winnie is an actuarial professional and an advocate of microinsurance working closely with insurers and aggregators across the industry. Before devoting her work full time to GrassRoots, Winnie has had experience with numerous clients serving in areas such as delivering risk assessment and management while at Deloitte Kenya and AON. Subsequently, she worked as Business Innovations Officer at MicroEnsure involved in carrying out fieldwork reviews and creation of models for a wide range of microinsurance products.

Through her experiences, Winnie developed her passion for risk management with a focus on protection for the financially undeserved. She holds an MSc Actuarial Management from Heriot-Watt University (UK).

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