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Sundeep Raichura

Chief Executive Officer

Zamara, Kenya


Sundeep is a qualified actuary and CEO of the Zamara Group (formerly Alexander Forbes). He has over 30 years’ experience in actuarial, pensions and investment consultancy work gained both in the UK and in Kenya.

Over the last two decades, Sundeep has been involved in and contributed to all aspects of the pension conversation in Kenya ranging from thought leadership, pension reform, regulatory enhancement, product innovation, pension scheme re-engineering work and pension fund investments.

Sundeep is a firm believer in promoting financial literacy and saving in Kenya and Africa as a means of empowering people to take charge of their own financial security. To this end, he has been at the forefront of innovation and new retirement savings solutions in the country.
Sundeep is also passionate about the role that the pension sector can play in Kenya in mobilising domestic savings and catalysing development, economic growth and jobs in our country and has written several papers on the role of pension saving in an economy. He believes that the pension sector can and indeed should play a role in achievable the Government of Kenya’s laudable Big 4 Agenda. In particular, he believes the pension sector can play a significant role in achieving the affordable housing agenda as well as contribute to the other three policy agendas.

To this end, Sundeep has championed and is the leader of the Kenya Pension Fund Investment Consortium (‘KEPFIC’), a group of 12 leading pension funds in the country with an asset base of over K Shs 2bn who have come together with a common purpose of collaborating to make long term investments, including investments in non-traditional asset classes such as infrastructure and housing amongst others. KEPFIC is considering a wide range of infrastructure investments, including energy, roads and housing and also engaging with the Public Private Partnership (‘PPP’) unit in Kenya to evaluate the pipeline of investments under PPPs. The engagement is also extending to a partnership with global pension funds looking to invest in Africa. KEPFIC is an industry first and a first in Africa.

Sundeep is the Chairman of the Africa Committee of the International Actuarial Association. He is a past Chairman of the Association of Retirement Benefit Schemes and a past member of the Capital Markets Authority Advisory Committee. He has also served as a consultant to a World Bank Pensions Mission to Kenya.

Sundeep has extensive research interests and has written papers on several areas of actuarial and investment research. He is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on pension and investment.

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