Samson Larsson Business Leader

Samson Larsson

Founder & CTO



The Ayazona founding team has always shared the same interest in the responsibilities running across the whole company; core engineering; operations; customer success, partners, and management as they work to impact low income households in Kenya and beyond while directly tackling food waste.

Samson Larsson started his career as a technical fellow at CodeforAfrica where he helped develop a disaster recovery platform used in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Following the success of the fellowship program, he joined IDT Labs, in Sierra Leone, as a software engineer for two years before founding Ayazona in 2019.

Qusai Alfaki is a well-travelled and very skilled senior software engineer with a keen eye for details and problem-solving. Originally from Sudan, Qusai has lived in many countries and brings a wealth of experience, passion for inclusion and teamwork. In addition to his technical capabilities, he is an exceptional team leader.

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