Nasreen Saunders

CEO and Founder

Umphakathi weAfrika, South Africa


Nasreen’s passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology (as a tool to make the world a better place) can be seen through her involvement in building the community in Cape Town since 2015; where she helped organize local meetups, Blockchain/Bitcoin Conferences and events and more recently, as a conference speaker.

She has 17 years’ work experience in corporate, innovation and entrepreneurship thanks to her engagements with early-stage startups, project and community management positions with startup support organisations, across corporate, FMCG, digital marketing, sales, tech, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa.

As the CEO and founder of Umphakathi weAfrika (a decentralised market place that serves to create awareness, educate and connect people to trusted applications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology using machine learning) she is perfectly positioned to serve her life’s mission: to understand and share the underlying power of this accelerating technology and its potential to disrupt everything; from inclusion, supply chains, finance and so much more.

She proactively supports the development of the ecosystem by bringing crucial actors together and building a strong entrepreneurship community.

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