Muthoni Mutonyi 2020 Speaker

Senior Manager, Products and Research

National Bank of Kenya


Muthoni is passionate about innovation and especially so in this age – the age of the customer, an age where customers have become more demanding and technology has made it possible to offer so much more convenience than ever before.

She is a Certified Retail Banker, certified in Digital Business Transformation, certified as a Digital Leader and has studied Disruptive Strategy at Harvard Business School under Prof. Clayton Christensen. She has an MBA from The University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business.
Muthoni worked for PDQ Manufacturing in De Pere, Wisconsin, USA where she was responsible for ensuring that the organization had top of the notch quality systems and later grew into a role where she was become the organization’s computer system specialist.

She later worked at Standard Chartered Bank in Kenya where she held various roles in Corporate Banking, Finance and Retail Banking. She is currently working at National Bank of Kenya as the Senior Manager in charge of Products and Research.

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