Lauren Nkuranga

Founder & Chairman



Lauren Nkuranga creates and enables businesses to succeed in pre-frontier markets, with a specialty in Rwanda and East Africa.

After working in Portland, OR for Nike, Inc. Lauren was seconded to the Girl Effect in Rwanda in 2012. After two years in Africa, Lauren saw that ethical business, not philanthropy, is the most sustainable solution to bring people out of poverty. What’s more, that African markets are the fastest growing economies in the world. And that the lack of infrastructure in these pre-frontier markets isn’t an obstacle, but an opportunity: it forces innovation like nowhere else.

So in 2014, Lauren left Nike to start GET IT, a food service distribution company and exporter, to put those insights into practice. From 2014 to 2019, Lauren grew GET IT as CEO to become the largest fresh food distributor in Rwanda.

Today, she serves as Founder & Chairman, leading GET IT to transform food procurement and distribution in East, West, and Central Africa by connecting frontier-market farmers, producers, and manufactures to formal markets. Concurrently, Lauren was appointed by the US Ambassador to Rwanda to start the American Chamber of Commerce in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Development Board named Lauren Women Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019. She has a background in PR & communications, working with clients including Intel and His Holiness the Dali Lama. Previous to communications, Lauren worked as an advisor on impact investing, as well as working as user interface and design consultant. Lauren has a B.A. with distinction in Political Science and Anthropology from Yale University.

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