Kevin Allen

Founding Chairman

African Crowdfunding Association, All Africa


Kevin is an energetic and creative individual, displaying many leadership characteristics. He is the founding Chairman of the African Crowdfunding Association. Kevin believes that we live in an abundant world and that through technology we can use exponential forces for positivity.

Kevin currently works as a coach and consultant in the Exponential Organisational space with both large corporates as well as startup businesses. He is the ExO Works Ambassador for Sub Saharan Africa. Prior to this Kevin was part of the Wealth Migrate team, working closely with the CEO in capital expansion of the business. Before that he worked in the pharmaceutical industry becoming the youngest member of the management team running the operations for the liquids and semisolid departments for Aspen Pharmacare, East London.

Kevin has an undergraduate Pharmacy degree and an MBA (Cum Laude). Although through reading, browsing the internet and through experience he has shaped his thinking in terms of exponential business models and what the future holds.

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