Jarred Glansbeek

Chief Investment Officer

RisCura, All Africa


Jarred Glansbeek is the founder and current CIO of RisCura. A global, independent investment advisor and financial analytics provider, RisCura’s clients include institutional investors with over $200 billion in assets under advice, as well as a significant number of asset management, hedge fund and private equity firms. With offices ideally situated across Africa in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Windhoek, Gaborone, Nairobi, Harare, Lusaka and Mapou, as well as offices in London, RisCura works with the largest African investor base in listed and unlisted African investments on the continent.

After pioneering and implementing liability-driven investing as early as the mid-1990 while being part of a team managing structured products and pension fund solutions at the FirstRand asset management units, Jarred became disillusioned with the state of the advisory market in South Africa. RisCura was established in 1999 to fill the financial industry’s need for a liability aware, independent risk-based consultant. Today, RisCura offers a comprehensive suite of services including asset consulting, risk management, compliance and transaction monitoring, investment and accounting reporting, unlisted investment valuation and sector research.

Prior to forming RisCura, Jarred was an Executive Director at the two asset management companies of FirstRand (RMBAM and Southern AM), responsible for their asset management companies’ quantitative services. This role involved overseeing asset and risk management as well as product development, instrument pricing and performance measurement. He developed substantial experience in quantitative portfolio techniques and complex instruments as well as judgmental and active risk management, and formulated new, “off-the-shelf” products, asset/liability optimisation structures, benchmarking/indexation, multi-management arrangements and objective/derivative based investment products tailored for specific clients.

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