Frank Schütte


MobiLife Ltd, South Africa


Frank Schütte is a qualified actuary, with over 20 years’ experience in retail life insurance in South Africa. Frank developed his career at one of South Africa’s large listed life insurance companies, primarily in the fields of product development and actuarial valuation. In the last five years he held the position of Managing Director – Retail Product Development & Marketing. He served on various executive committees of the business.

In April of 2015 Frank made the bold decision to leave the security of corporate employment to begin the journey as a life insurance entrepreneur. He formed a new company called MobiLife Ltd. – a South African financial services provider aimed at the provision of innovative products and services to low income consumers, using the power of mobile technology. MobiLife was registered in August 2015, and began trading in May 2016. Frank serves as the CEO of MobiLife Ltd.

Frank is aged 44 years, and lives in Johannesburg South Africa with his wife and son.

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