Fabio Scala

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Fabio Scala is the founder of FurtherMarkets, an UK based Africa-focused consultancy. He previously led a London equity holding company into a portfolio of investments in Southern Africa, starting in Mozambique later expanding into Zimbabwe and Zambia. Fabio has also served as the Managing Director of Mozambique’s investment and development bank, where he was a member of the bank’s founding team involved in several key Infrastructure and Natural Resource projects.

Prior to his African experience Fabio acted as a Senior Manager at Portugal’s Private Equity Fund and as a Board member in many of its portfolio companies. He has also held senior positions in the US after starting his career at Caixa Economica Federal, Brazil’s largest state-owned bank at the time.

With a background in marketing and communication, in 2015 he started FurtherAfrica.com, a platform focused in investments, the economy and the development and growth of the African continent.

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