Eva Sadoun




After many associative experiences, Eva Sadoun studied Emlyon and ESSEC, and obtained a specialization in Finance and social impact measurement.

At a very young age, she created an NGO in the field of education in Togo and then worked within a microfinance platform in India. Back in France, she joined the social and environmental responsibility department of a French bank’s investment department. Enriched by these experiences in both entrepreneurship and ethical finance, she wanted to tackle the financial sector by working on a financial innovation that would reconcile individuals and the real economy.

Today, Eva is also President of FEST (France Eco-Sociale Tech), she is a member of the board of directors and the Finansol office (the association of solidarity finance actors) and Mouves (the union of social entrepreneurs).

She also studies philosophy at ICP in order to question economics and finance and to think about a new model of society.

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