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Dr. Xing Quan Zhang

Senior Advisor



Dr. Zhang is Senior Advisor at UN-HABITAT, United Nations. Prior to that, Chief of Urban Economy and Social Development Branch, Chief of Urban Economy and Finance Branch, Chief of Urban Finance Section, and Head of Global Slum Upgrading Facility (Pillar II) at UN-HABITAT. Before joining UN-HABITAT, he held Lectureship, Research Fellowship, Professorship in Europe and Asia. He has over 25 years of experience working with governments, financial institutions, private sector, communities and academia at different levels. His international work experiences include Europe, Asia and Africa. He has extensive skills/experience in supervision and achieving high quality results.

He is specialised in Sustainable Development (integrating policy, science and technology solutions); Housing and Urban Development, Urbanisation, Housing/Municipal Finance, Urban Economy, Land Management, Real Estate Investment, Public-Private Partnership, Global Economic and Financial Systems, Financing Resilient and Green Development, Environmental Planning, Policy Analysis and Development, Cities in African and Asia.

He has produced more than 130 technical and policy publications including about 70 journal/refereed papers and written/managed the production of 60 books/reports. He manages three publication series, namely the Global Urban Economic Dialogue, the Human Settlements Finance Systems and Policy, and Human Settlements Financing Tools and Best Practices at UN-HABITAT. He has served as Guest Editor and on Editorial Board/Advisory Board for a number of international refereed and professional journals based in Europe and North America and Asia respectively. He has managed different scales of operational and normative projects and provides advice and technical supports to various countries and organisations.

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