Ben Botes


Caban Capital Corporate Advisory


Ben is an experienced company director and marketer with a strong track record. Currently involved in the SeedsLife Caban Impact Investment Fund he is socially minded and believe that businesses has a responsibility to support the communities where they exist. He has spent a large proportion of his career with early stage firms where valuable experience was gained in brand development, investor relations, above and below the line marketing channel management and the importance of working within budgetary restrictions and clearly defined KPIs.

Currently Group Chief Marketing officer for Caban Capital Ltd, a boutique private equity firm supporting early stage firms in a range of sectors including Fin-Tech which focusses on both the UK and Sub Saharan and West African Markets, Ben has also amassed crucial experience in dealing with international markets, specifically those in Africa and Europe. In the past he has worked in firms such Accenture and Hewlett Packard, supporting enterprise initiatives. More recently, with startups like StartMe, the first Sub Saharan Africa Crowdfunding platform and Investors Network, a boutique networking platform for angel investors and Entrepreneurs in Southern Africa.

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