FSD Africa Panel: Pushing frontiers in digital finance: The case of MFS Africa and 4R Digital

Time: 4:40 pm - 5:20 pm



The impact of digital technology on patterns of production and consumption is emerging as a key driver for the next phase of growth in the global economy, transforming the way we live and work. A recent report by Google and the IFC concludes that the digital economy could add $180 billion to Africa’s economy by 2025, equivalent to over 5% of the continent’s GDP. A combination of factors are attributed to this growth, including expanding connectivity, urbanisation, growing tech talent and a vibrant start-up ecosystem. Digital finance – including advancements spearheaded in Africa such as mobile phone payments – is a critical factor in this growth, driving innovation, opening up new markets and creating new possibilities.

In this session we will explore how digital finance has advanced beyond its early days of facilitating payments alone, to contributing to broader and more inclusive and sustainable economic outcomes.  We will hear from MFS Africa, a leading African fintech which has helped transform Africa’s remittance space and which is now evolving well beyond offering payments services alone.  We will also hear from 4R Digital, a highly innovative technology platform that is leveraging digital payments to democratise carbon finance, by aggregating the supply of small-scale climate positive actions to meet growing global demand for carbon credits.  Through the experiences of these companies, we will appreciate the particular role of early-stage capital in unlocking the kinds of innovations that are needed to drive large-scale and inclusive digitalised economic growth.




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