FSD Africa Panel: Affordable Housing: Investing in greener and affordable housing in Africa

Time: 4:00 pm - 4:40 pm



Across Africa, the demand for affordable housing is clearly outpacing supply.  With urbanisation rates among the highest on the planet, African cities desperately need to champion affordable housing delivery for their new entrants, which includes the emerging middle class and key public sector workers.  Historically, however, key constraints have undermined investors in their ability to engage in this market. Ineffective or absent titling systems, insufficient developer capacity, under-developed mortgage markets, and very real household affordability constraints have all militated against housing sector investments. This is now changing, and increasingly, niche-targeted interventions are gaining traction, highlighting specific investment opportunities along the housing value chain.  At the same time, policy and regulatory environments are improving.  As investors grow in experience, they are beginning to develop a track record which others can leverage and replicate.

This session will consider the experiences of investors who have engaged at various points along the housing value chain in their local contexts.  We will consider opportunities for the providers of long -term capital, the track record of a commercial mortgage lender specifically targeting the affordable rental market as well as emergent themes in the affordable housing space that investors ought to consider.



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