Navigating the AFSIC 2019 Agenda

We have a variety of sessions on offer at AFSIC 2019 and an overview of these are detailed below.

Rooms 1 and 2

The majority of these sessions are solos and panels with many high calibre speakers presenting.

On Wednesday afternoon in Room 2 however we have two Networking sessions

  • Meet the DFIs (14h20) and Meet the VCs and Accelerators (16h00)

These are both free flowing networking events with no seating or formal presentation requirement. Each DFI/VC or Accelerator will be allocated a high bar table that they will remain at and the chair of the session will ring a bell every 5 minutes to encourage the attending delegates to move around the room and have as many interactions as possible. For longer meetings and follow up discussions I would encourage you to book some meeting time via the AFSIC event and meeting app which will go live on April 8th.

Rooms 3 and 4

These rooms will host the Country Focussed and Business Enabler sessions

These sessions will allow participants to grow their investment network within Africa in the country or countries of their choice. The sessions are purposefully focused on networking, with a restricted time allocation for formal presentations and speeches. This maximises the networking opportunity for all participants. The sessions will comprise two types:

Sponsored Country  or Business Enabler Session – these will include a short (15 minute) overview of investment opportunities within the specific country from a business leader, investor or dealmaker from that country or business and then a 45 minute period of informal networking designed to allow participants to grow their network.

Informal Country or Business Enabler Session – these will comprise a 60 minute session of informal networking designed to allow participants to grow their network. There will be no speeches or formal presentations within an informal session.