Yaye Souadou Fall

Co-Founder & CEO

E-cover, Senegal


Senegalese with Mauritanian origins, I am a 23-year-old woman who runs E-cover, a start’up that transforms used tires into tiles, floor coverings, and shoe soles. Graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration and pursuing a master’s degree in the same field, I triggered my entrepreneurial side from the age of 20 when with my friends, I decided to launch from a capital of $ 53: E-cover! Reinvigorated by the encouragement of my family and the problem that my solution had the potential to solve, I managed, despite my young age, my lack of experience and my status as a woman, to impose my innovation by achieving the first samples of my products manually with the means of the edge and a grinding process of the tires with minced meat grinder! Thanks to the support of my team, in 3 years, I was able to hoist this school project, to a company which could create more than 20 jobs, to recycle more than 500 tires and rewarded at the Falling Walls Lab Berlin, at the African Rethink Award in Paris at COP 21, Hub Africa in Morocco, Anzisha Prize in South Africa and Green Aib Innovation in Ivory Coast.

I am passionate about languages and gymnastics on the ground. My dream: seeing my country and my continent developed by the combination of all the efforts of all Africans who are energized by their love and their patriotism for Mother Africa!


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