Stanley Osuide Business Leader


Chief Executive Officer

Africa Investment Gateway Group (AIGGL)


Stanley is the co-founder and current CEO of AFRICA INVESTMENT GATEWAY (AIGGL) a UK based company facilitating direct investment into life changing and impactful projects in Africa. Stanley also sits on the board of a few other companies such as Nigeria Investment Gateway, Green Renewable Energy Group, Start-up City Hub; all companies currently operational in Africa. His vision is to see African Entrepreneurs and businesses take their rightful place in servicing the global economy for the benefit of the people of the most resource filled continent.

“I welcome partnerships that not only brings investment to the continent but more importantly Knowledge Transfer so the local communities can be in charge of their future and destiny”

Stanley beliefs the next 10-15 years of world prosperity will come from Africa as the giant has finally woken. Investor such as VC, Family Offices and Business Angel that are not investing in Africa have definitely missed a trick.

Most of my work as CEO of AIGGL is to find and form strong partnerships with organisations and investors that not only want to make exponential return on their investment but also have a passion to leave Africa better than when they came in.


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