Nico Blaauw

Nico Blaauw

Director of Investor Relations

Goodwell Investments


Nico Blaauw is the Director of Investor Relations at Goodwell Investments, a pioneering private equity impact investment firm focused on inclusive growth in emerging markets. Goodwell channels capital to scalable businesses that combine demonstrable social and environmental impact with commercial financial returns.

Nico joined the Goodwell team in 2014 as Director of Marketing. Prior to joining Goodwell, he worked as Director of Communications for various companies including Fortis, Nuon and Dow chemicals. Nico also founded a management consultancy focused on increasing impact by moving towards more credible sustainable strategy rooted in relevant purpose and solid economics. In addition, he acts as a chairman for the Global Breath Foundation.

Nico’s educational background includes a PhD in Business Economics from the University of Nijmegen and a Masters in marketing at TIAS Business school.


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