Micheal Kirungi Business Leader

Micheal Kirungi

Principal Partner



Micheal has over 10 years of experience in investing and provision of business development services. Micheal is the founder of an organization called Masindi Community Foundation (MCF). MCF employs a blended approach that includes business development services and investments to build social businesses in Uganda. Micheal has invested in and provided business development services to over 29 social businesses impacting different communities in Uganda. MCF was one of the only 3 globally recognized organizations at the EDGE Funders conference in Berkeley, California in 2014, applying innovative approaches to foster economic growth. The other 2 organizations recognized are situated in Kenya and Vietnam.Micheal is also the founder of an online education venture, Skills and Career Enrichment Program for Community and Social Development Students. This is an online open distance learning practical certificate course for university students globally. The program develops students/graduates into highly skilled social intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. The course provides an online platform where students register, access learning units/assignments/study materials and hold various discussions.

Micheal has received various international awards for his social entrepreneurship work, most notably Social Entrepreneur Transforming Africa award from Makerere University Business School in partnership with USAID and the MasterCard Foundation.

Micheal sits on the board of various international organizations where he advises primarily in the areas of entrepreneurship and socially responsible investing.

Micheal holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Agribusiness Management from Makerere University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Project Planning, Management and Monitoring and Evaluation from the University of South Africa (UNISA).


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