Marsha Wulff

Managing Partner

LoftyInc Capital Management, West Africa


Ms Wulff is an early-stage venture entrepreneur, investor and mentor. She is a Director of LoftyInc Capital Management, Kangpe (HealthTech) and Raintree Farms (AgProcessing). She co-owns a cattle ranching venture in Nigeria, a superfood farm and processing center in Uganda, and a portfolio of early tech ventures via the LoftyInc Afropreneurs Fund. She is a US citizen who has lived and worked internationally, including India, China, South America and Africa. Her venture acumen developed while working as a VP of investments for a US investment firm, as Finance Director for a medical system, and as Communications Director for a NYSE corporate. Since 1997 she has focused on African business development via joint ventures, global trade and investment financings. She earned her Executive MBA at SMU in Dallas, Texas.


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