Luni Libes 2022 speaker


Africa Eats


Luni Libes is a 30+ year serial entrepreneur turned teacher, author, and investor. Luni is the co-founder of Africa Eats, a pan-African investment holding company, and founder of Fledge, a global network of business accelerators.

Africa Eats is a unique investment firm. We’re not a fund. We’re not a conglomerate. We’re a mash-up of the best parts of venture capital, business accelerator, and Berkshire Hathaway. We started with minority ownership of a portfolio of over two dozen companies. All focused on building the food/ag supply chain in Africa. All run by homegrown African entrepreneurs. A fast-growing portfolio with 60% CAGR with 10x growth over the last five years, on track to surpass $20 million in aggregate revenues in 2022, and $100 million in five more years.


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