Jorge Ruiz

Co-Founder & CEO

FinConecta, All Africa


Jorge is the Founder and CEO of FinConecta, the first global interconnected financial network, composed by Financial Institutions and fintechs from around the world.

Prior to FinConecta he worked at Citigroup for 18 years, where he led their efforts to become a global leader in the fintech industry by defining a business transformation strategy, launching the first global virtual accelerator, hosting 16 innovation programs and implementing multiple business solutions worldwide.

Jorge has also founded and led businesses in the investment, insurance, and retail industries. He is a founding member of Challenge me now a social network dedicated to personal achievement while helping charity organizations raise funds and a co-author of the Fintech Book.

Some of the most recent events in which Jorge participated as a speaker include the Singapore Fintech Festival 2017, Foromic 2017, CLAB 2017, AFSIC 2018, FMO Future of Finance 2018, MENA workshop in Cairo 2018 (in partnership with FMO, Sanabel, Sanad), and Foromic 2018.

Jorge holds a degree in Finance from the University of Texas, and has been recently selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur.


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