Gavin Reardon

Gavin Reardon

Founder and General Partner

Kingson Capital


Gavin is the Founder and General Partner of Kingson Capital. Gavin provides strategic leadership to the development of the Kingson funds and portfolio construction of the underlying businesses.

Gavin is a qualified Chartered Accountant and is registered with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Kingson is a venture firm based in South Africa. With offices in Johannesburg and Duban, Kingson provides venture investment for early stage seed and post seed startups focusing on emerging technology, particularly in Africa. Kingson launched its second fund in Q1 2019 and is backed by a $10M guarantee facility from the US Agency for International Development. After launching the fund, and with strong investor appetite, Kingson has revised its Fund Two to a $100M fund dedicated to investing in startups in Africa, with a special focus on South African based startups.

Gavin’s key stengths lie in identifying and developing business opportunities, strategy and business development, innovation and business leadership.

Gavin sits on the boards of several startups, acts as an advisor and mentor for South African based accelerators and also co-founded a not-for-profit investment holding company which plays an investment and advisory role for black economic empowerment deals in South Africa.


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