Fernando Dolbeth Assunção

Managing Director

Pulsar Development International, All Africa


He started his career in Portugal at Combined Insurance Company of America.
He has more then 18 years of experience in the insurance industry having served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of one of Angola’s main insurers A MUSE – A MUNDIAL SEGUROS, SA.

He was also CEO of SAHAM ANGOLA SEGUROS, the largest private insurance company in Angola. An entrepreneur with business experience in various sectors and activities, knowledgeable about the insurance market in Angola and the business environment in Africa.


He is the Managing Partner of Pulsar development International a company based in the U.K. part of the Pulsar Consulting Group headquartered in Munich- Germany. Pulsar Development has developed a new and innovative holding concept to support the future needs of growing African economies and is creating the First African Investment Holding. The rationale is to develop a technology conglomerate to target and capitalize on European high tech companies, realizing high growth synergies between investee companies and African growth markets.

He is also a member of the organizing committee and Coordinator of the COUNTRY representatives of the Portuguese-speaking countries (Portugal, Angola , Brazil, Cape Verde , guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea , Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe) of the Summit ATIGS 2018 ( AFRICA TRADE AND INVESTMENT GLOBAL SUMMIT)

He is currently the CEO of TRIUNFAL SEGUROS a local insurance company in Angola.

He is organizing five events in Angola in 2019 and he was awarded as one of the Most influent people african Descendent ( MIPAD) in 2018. By MIPAD organization.


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